Even the best solution is worthless until it is put into practice. CPH Inventures can ensure that your solutions are realized and presented in the most optimal way.

CPH Inventures can provide different types of models, prototypes and small series production, but also assistance to implement the solution within an organization.

All implementation projects are tailored to the purpose. The goal determines the tool: documentation, modeling, prototyping, batch production, graphic design, website production, user testing, content testing, Business Case, Implementation Plan...


RampSnake: 80% less lifting, 30% less manpower, 20% faster, 300% ROI Glass holder: 50% less broken glass, 90% reduction in purchase of glass trays Grindcare 3.0: A world first Empticon: Danish Deasign Award winner Mountit: 31% more efficient, no manual lifting 3B Cart: Savings of aprox. 26 M kr, 80% less lifting, 15% faster