Afraid of change?

The question is posed by CPH Inventures and Olesen Management via INSTILL, a recently established in the collaboration between the two companies. 'Instill' means to gradually but firmly establish an idea or attitude (especially a desirable one) in a person's mind.

- Together we can provide the knowledge and tools needed for organizations to implement sustainable change, which eliminates errors, accidents and injuries and improves quality, efficiency and safety, says Lars Thøgersen and gives the answer to the question "Afraid of change?":

- We are all afraid of change - that's just how the mind works. The solution is to change the mind!

Agreeing on a commitment that eliminates errors and improve safety is an easy decision. Living up to that commitment can be hard. Instill has proven methods and tools that change behaviour and increase efficiency.

When people independently begin to adopt safer behaviour, they take better care of themselves, their colleagues and their workplace, they also begin to naturally adopt leaner working practices. When this behaviour is internalized into the organisation, the degree of  innovation and productivity are increased. 

Instill facilitates this change – from Chief executive to shop floor. Beyond that, INSTILL can also design and develop the equipment that improves the working environment and processes.