Mountit and Bullbug sold

CPH Inventures's sister companies, Mountit and Bullbug, were acquired by Invactor in december 2011.

Invactor is a 'second wave investor', that invests in companies that manufacture market-ready products. With a well established production network in China, Invactor will be able to help Mountit and Bullbug to take their existing products to the next level. Invactor calls this 'Active Growth Facilitation'

In the case of Mountit, this will mean that the coming generation of products will be produced in China. The product range will incorporate a comprehensive series of improvements, that are based on experience gleaned from the first series production. Mountit will also benefit from Invactor's management know-how. CPH Inventures look forward to an ongoing collaboration with Mountit and have additional products on the drawing board.

Like Mountit, Bullbug is a company that was established by CPH Inventures after a new niche market was uncovered by CPH Inventures. Bullbug is an electrically driven device for moving pallet cages. A full order book was all the encouragement Invactor needed to aquire Bullbug alongside Mountit.

Bullbug Mountit