Building China: Airports

China is expecting to build almost 100 airports in the coming decade and CPH Inventures is among ten other Danish companies selected by the Foreign Ministry for the "Building China: Airports" trade consortium that collaborate with one of China's most acknowledged architects - Tongji Architectural Design Group. Tongji Architectural Design Group have design and engineering as well as architectural capabilities and a wide range of Chinese and international mega-projects in their portfolio that including the 632 m Shanghai Tower that is currently under construction.

The consortium has just completed a trade mission led by Ambassador-at-Large for Trade and Investment with China, Ritt Bjerregaard, aimed at bringing awareness of Danish industry's unique talents to the Chinese airport construction authorities. As another consortium member, Søren Daugbjerg from Vilhelm Lauritzen architects says "The Chinese certainly know how to build airports for themselves - that's clear to see. But if the new airports are both to be efficient and give a unique passenger experience in a sustainable way, we have some specific competencies to offer."

The Foreign Ministry put the consortium together according to the principle that the members should, with their various skills, constitute a unique holistic proposition. CPH Inventures contribute with their experience of innovative baggage-handling and airport workflows.